Two New SIGs to join the fold

IRSPM continues to grow day by day. These time IRSPM is happy to welcome the 2 newest special interest groups to join the fold!

Focusing on Civil society and community self-organisations and Agile and digital transformation of the public sector, these brand-new initiatives bring the number of the IRSPM Special Interest Groups to 12. Our SIGs are promoting research in key areas while building bridges between theory and practice with real-world impact!  

Among their various planned activities, the new SIGs are already organising like-named panel sessions for our upcoming IRSPM Conference 2023:

Creating and enhancing a community of scholars and practitioners interested in the digital and agile transformation of public organisations.

Advancing knowledge about the role of self-organisations in public participation and public service (co-) production in the New Public Governance Area.

Would you like to submit an abstract for these or any of our Conference 2023 panels? Or want to find out more about IRSPM special interest groups?

You’ll find these and other IRSPM initiatives and activities on our brand-new website:

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