Members' Area - Overview

Using our new IRSPM membership platform, IRSMPM members get direct online access to articles in Public Management Review, a 20 percent discount on books related to public management published by Routledge as well as access to IRSPM's international network of researchers. Using the platform, members can also share updates/information within the IRSPM community and start a blog/discussion on a public management research topic/issue. The user guide below is designed to provide more detail information regarding the functionalities of the membership platform. If you have any questions, please contact us on 

Membership Platform Guide:

1. Access Membership Platform

If you already are an IRSPM member and would like to access the membership platform, click on the Member Login Link. If you are not an IRSMPM member and would like to join, click here

2. Member Home Page

Once logged in you can see your membership page. Here you can share updates within the IRSPM community, see others’ updates and blogs, and all IRSPM social media updates. By clicking the icons just above the newsfeed you can sort these updates to only show internal IRSPM updates, blogs, facebook, or twitter. To the right of the newsfeed you can see featured blogs, if your IRSPM member profile is complete, and a list of most recent members.

3. Finding Other Members

Click on Members in the navigation menu. Here you can select if you want to search for members by the address book or the map

The address book view automatically sorts members by their first name. You can click on a member name to see their profile.

If you click Advanced to the right of the search field, advanced search options show. Here you can search based on location, institution, skills, and interests.

4. Member Blogs

By clicking on Blogs in the navigation menu you can select between reading the Latest blogs, and My (i.e., your own) Blog.

In Latest blogs you can see all the IRSPM blogs, and Editors’ Picks. You can search for blogs based on author, title, and tags.

In My Blog you can see your previous blogs, share them on social media, and chose to write a new blog by clicking New.

The screen for writing a blog lets you change the format of the text, and integrate pictures, links, and YouTube clips.

5. Access to Public Management Review

Clicking Public Management Review in the navigation menu takes you to this screen where you can access Public Management Review online.

6. Discount on Routledge Publications

Clicking "Routledge Discount" in the navigation menu takes you to the IRSPM landing page on the Routledge website where you can place your orders.

7. Feedback

By clicking Feedback in the navigation menu this box will show and you are able to give feedback on the IRSPM member community that will go straight to its administrators.

8. Your Account

By clicking My Account you can choose to access My Profile, Settings, and logout.

9. Your Member's Profile

In My Profile you can tell other members of IRSPM about yourself by adding a short biography, skills, interests, positions, and locations. You will get suggested other members whose interests match yours based on this.

10. Settings

In settings you can save your cards to pay your membership fees, edit your privacy settings, and change your password.

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