P47 SIG Public Sector Human Resources

Corresponding Chair

Norma M. Riccucci, riccucci@rutgers.edu

Review Group Chair

Jessica Sowa


Peter Kruyen, Assistant Professor, Radboud University

Karen Johnston, Professor, University of Portsmouth

Norma Riccucci – Professor, Rutgers University

Pablo Sanabria – Associate Professor, Florida Atlantic University

Jessica Sowa – Professor, University of Delaware


As governments face increasing challenges, wicked policy problems, and evolving ways of working, the panel seeks to explore the future of work within the public sector and the challenges for managing human resources in the public sector. In addition, public sector organizations involve working with a multiplicity of diverse stakeholders and delivering services to a diversity of beneficiaries and in the context of increased advances in technology (e.g., AI). What are the implications for public sector human resources, the management of public sector employees, and the working environment in the public sector; what are the innovations and better practices in HRM; what new ideas have emerged from research in the HRM area; and how can we advance our understandings of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion (JEDI) in public human resource management in practice and scholarship? To address these questions, the panel will therefore workshop:

  • Innovative Practices in Public Service HRM
  • Generations in the Public Sector Workforces: Recruitment & Retention
  • New Frontiers in Representative Bureaucracy Research
  • Diversity Management, Social Equity and Social Justice in Government Workforces
  • Politicization, Populism and HR Management in Public Sector Organizations
  • The Future of Public Sector Work
  • Employee Engagement & Well-Being