The IRSPM Newsletter is designed to foster the connection within the public management community and provide a glance of the latest developments within IRSPM.

Explore the diverse Special Interest Groups (SIGs) within our society, discover ongoing projects and opportunities for collaboration in different geographical regions - our regional Vice Presidents strive to nurture meaningful interactions among IRPSM members in Asia, Australia & New Zealand, Eastern and Western Europe, North America, Latin America & Carribean, and in Africa.

Relive the highlights of our previous events, and stay ahead of the curve by getting a glimpse into upcoming conferences, workshops and other events of IRSPM and our Special Interest Groups. The Newsletter is a also great opportunity to meet our board members who play a crucial role in shaping the society's vision and mission. Learn about their expertise, achievements, and aspirations for IRSPM. Stay tuned for the next edition of the Newsletter, packed with inights and opportunities to exchange ideas!