Dear IRSPM members and collegues,

We would like to inform you about the results of the 2022 election process. 

There was no nominations recieved for the positions for which the current members have expressed their willingness to continue to serve the Society. This means that the following members are confirmed in their current positions for another term:  

  • Hajnal György - VP Eastern Europe
  • Mariafrancesca Sicilia - Elections Secretary
  • Sanja Korac - Communications Secretary
  • Deborah Blackman, Christine Flynn, Mila Gasco - At-large members 

For the vacant positions of VP Africa we did not receive any nominations, thus this post remains vacant and will be in the interim covered through co-optation in the next months.

For the vacant positions of President, VP Latin America and Caribbean, and one at-large member, we received one nomination for each of them and, thus no ballot shall be held.

The newly elected board members are: 

  • Ileana Steccolini from the University of Essex - President 
  • Eris D. Schoburgh from the University of the West Indies - VP Latin America and Caribbean 
  • Ines Mergel, from the University of Konstanz - at-large member

Our gratitude goes to the outgoing holders of those positions for their years of service to the board: Jenny Lewis (President), Ricardo Gomes (VP Latin America and Caribbean), Michelle Esau (VP Africa) and Madeline Powell (At-large member). 

Many thanks for your service to IRSPM!

We are delighted to welcome the new members to the board and the official changeover takes place at the AGM on 21 April, during the IRSPM Conference 2022.

Best regards, 

Mariafrancesca Sicilia 

IRSPM Elections Secretary

On behalf of the IRSPM nomination committee

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