From Conference to Community - IRSPM's Strategic Development

As IRSPM transitions from a conference-centric organization to a thriving academic society, we are committed to enriching our members' experiences and professional growth year-round. Our strategic plan focuses on strengthening various aspects of the society to create a more engaged, supportive, and dynamic community. Over the last year, dedicated working groups of the IRSPM Board have developed strategic initiatives and drew possible paths for action:

1. Strengthening the roles of and support to Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

IRSPM recognizes the pivotal role that SIGs play in fostering specialized knowledge and collaboration within our society. To enhance their effectiveness, we have developed ideas to support SIG leaders and members, providing clear directions and resources to optimize SIG activities and member engagement.

2. Strengthening support to New Researchers

IRSPM’s New Researchers, young and/or early career academics and practitioner researchers, are essential for our society's future, for innovations in conducting cutting-edge research, and for bringing in new ways of addressing today’s and tomorrow’s issues in public management. To support their efforts, new courses for PhD students debuted at the 2024 Conference, and will be a new constant during our Annual Conference. These courses aim to address the unique needs of our early-career members and enhance their academic and professional skills.

3. Strengthening the roles of and support to Vice Presidents (VPs)

Our VPs play a crucial role in steering our society’s strategic directions. We have outlined clear responsibilities and are working on the necessary tools and resources, ensuring that VPs are well-equipped to drive our society’s initiatives forward.

4. Strengthening engagement with and value for members

Engaging our members and providing tangible value is at the core of our strategic vision. Several initiatives are underway to achieve this goal:

  • Communication channels will be enhanced to ensure timely and effective information dissemination.
  • The structure and delivery of our conferences will be improved to maximize member participation and satisfaction.
  • SIG and New Researcher events tailored to the interests and needs of these specific groups will be provided to facilitate stronger ties among the society.
  • Local events organized in specific geographical areas by VPs, SIGs, and New Researchers will assist in fostering local engagement and collaboration.
  • Our collaborations with publishers will be strengthened to provide better access to academic resources and publishing opportunities. Events related to academic publishing will be provided to support our members in their research dissemination.
  • Interactive events where experts discuss and debate topics of relevance to our community, will promote diverse perspectives and inclusive dialogue.

5. Strengthening engagement with practice

Bridging the gap between academic research and practical application is vital for our society’s relevance and impact. Engagement events that connect academic insights with real-world practice are being developed. These events will facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration between researchers and practitioners.

6. Governance

Ensuring that our governance structures and operational procedures align with our strategic goals is essential for sustainable growth. We have reviewed our board, election processes, and constitution to ensure they are "fit for purpose". This review helps us to maintain a robust and adaptable governance framework that supports our strategic objectives.

IRSPM’s strategic plan is a testament to our commitment to evolving from a conference-focused organization to a vibrant, year-round society that offers continuous value to its members. We are excited about these developments and look forward to your active participation and feedback as we implement these initiatives. Together, we will build a stronger, more connected, and impactful community.

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