P27 SIG The Practice Panel

Corresponding Chair

Christine Flynn, Connexity Associates Limited. Email: christine.flynn@bigpond.com

Review Chair

Professor Garth Britton, QUT. Email: garth.britton@qut.edu.au


Professor John Diamond, Edge Hill University. Email: diamondj@edgehill.ac.uk


The Practice Panel ( SIG: Connecting researchers and practitioners for improved outcomes) has been a key feature of every IRSPM conference since its inception in 2011. It offers a space where practitioners, policy makers and researchers come together to engage in a facilitated dialogue about the contributions and connections between these three elements of public management.

In Budapest 2023, we are hoping to be joined by local public management practitioners to contribute a dialogue about how to create a dynamic equilibrium (rather than balance) and productively utilise the tension between these three perspectives. What have we learned about what has worked and what has not worked in relationships between practitioners, policy makers and researchers? How might we rebuild the relationship between the different levels of government and the public (civil) service function to deliver value and respond to policy settings and implement changes in practice? What roles might NGOs, public sector and other organisations play in policy domains such as Health, Education and Housing?

We are looking for diverse perspectives on the challenges and invite abstracts that discuss the forces working on the public management system and these three core elements in the current global context, with specific focus on how they have, or might be, influenced to produce better outcomes. We intend to explore the adaptation and development of new ways of viewing and developing praxis to respond. What are the feedback loops which inform this current state and who is listening and learning from them? Through research, data, evidence and case studies we intend to generate a conversation about the future of public management, where its focus should lie, and what needs to change to achieve and sustain balance.

We look forward to reconnecting with familiar faces and welcoming new ones to The Practice Panel in Budapest 2023.

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