P08 Valuing public innovation

Corresponding chair

Jean Hartley, Professor of Public Leadership, The Open University, UK, jean.hartley@open.ac.uk

Review group

Karin Geuijen, Assistant Professor, Utrecht University, The Netherlands. Email: k.geuijen@uu.nl


Rolf Rønning, Professor of Professor of Social Policy at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway.

Lars Fuglsang, Professor of Service Innovation, Roskilde University, Denmark.


Public innovation is distinctive by being set in a political system rather than a market, with citizens and politicians as well as managers and employees often contributing to the creation and sharing of innovations. Public organizations can be creators, funders, orchestrators or sense-makers of innovations, which are carried out with the aim of benefitting society.  Innovations can be dynamic and changeable as is the public value derived from and through those innovations, particularly in turbulent times. This panel will discuss how the public value of innovations can be conceptualised, and how it can be disputed, discovered or measured.

Panel format

The main format will be academic papers, with a pre-allocated discussant.  Time will be given to the paper, the discussant and general discussion among the participants.  Discussants will be guided to be constructively challenging, with the aim of helping the presenter to improve their paper ready for publication.

Call for abstracts

We invite papers on (but not limited to) the following topics:

  • What are the distinctive features of public innovation compared to private or social innovation?
  • How should the public value of innovations be conceptualised, designed into or discovered, assessed, debated and acted on in innovation?
  • What challenges of publicness emerge from the adoption of new digital technologies and AI?
  • How is public innovation affected by hybridization dynamics?
  • Which paradoxes are emerging from public innovation and how are they handled?
  • How can innovation in public service be conceptualized from a practice-based perspective to capture value creating activities?
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