Healthcare Management

Purpose and objectives:

The Healthcare Management SIG fosters international debate on the role of management technologies and logics in healthcare paradigm shifts, on their impacts on professions and patients, on their evolutionary paths, and on how they can address current challenges facing the healthcare sector. The Healthcare SIG has been active for six years and is made up of a community of practitioners and researchers that act as a learning organization with a peer-review approach. The SIG promotes collaboration and dialogue between academia and public policy practitioners to maximize the real-world impact of its members’ research and methodological innovations.

Key dialogues, presentations, and outputs:

Every year since the SIG’s foundation, at least one panel at the IRSPM conference has been dedicated to the topic of healthcare. These panels have successfully gathered contributions from all over the world. Healthcare Management also specifically welcomes papers from early-career researchers and doctoral students through separate reviewing cycles, promoting new research within the field. The best papers presented to IRSPM panels run by the Healthcare Management SIG are offered a fast-track to publication in Health Services Management Review.

 Primary contact:

James Gillespie, University of Sydney