The List of Panels 2022

P01     Exploring changing relations with civil society: New Public Governance, commissioning, hybrid organisations and street level bureaucracy

P02     Evaluation and evaluative thinking – participatory, democratic and knowledge-enriching

P03     Encountering development and public management in the evolving post-covid era

P04     Public Management Lessons from the Asia Pacific Region

P05     Governing Africa- Merging Informal and Formal Institutions to Improve Future Governance

P06     Merged with P25

P07     Critical Perspectives in Emergency Services Management

P08     Governing Sport- Social Value Creation for the Communities of Tomorrow

P09     Participatory budgeting as a means for reshaping social-political - administrative relations

P10     Facing the future through policing, publics and public management

P11     Behavioural and Experimental Approaches to Public Management

P12     Using interpretive methods to make politics visible in policy

P13     Strategic planning and social-political-administrative relations – theories and practices

P14     Digital transformation in the public sector

P15     Facing the Future: (R)Evolution in the Health Care Sector

P16     Partnering and collaboration between stakeholders within and across sectors to achieve policy success

P17     Knowledge and Evidence in Times of Crisis

P18      SIG New researchers panel

P19      SIG Accounting and Accountability - Changing social-political-administrative relations

P20      SIG Complexity & Network Governance

P21      SIG Design-led approaches to renewing public management and governance

P22      SIG Governing and Managing Hybridity

P23      SIG Healthcare Management

P24      SIG Local governance - What Do Citizens Expect From Local Government And How Do Municipalities Address These Needs

P25      SIG Practice Panel

P26      SIG Public Sector Human Resource Post-pandemic public services – positives and plights

P27      SIG Public Service Motivation