The List of Panels

P01      Policing, publics and public management

P02      Public Leadership and Societal Challenges: The Role of Political, Managerial and Community Leadership

P03      Implementing AI in the public sector

P04      Making politics visible through interpretive methods

P05      Public service resilience post COVID19

P06      The new normal: Teaching public policy and management in extraordinary times

P07      Impact of COVID-19 on Emergency Response Services: Challenges and Opportunities for a New Research Agenda

P08      Strategizing for the common good: How do public entities “do” strategy to solve public issues during extraordinary times?

P09      Rethinking the role of government in building business resilience under conditions of turbulence and uncertainty

P10      Sport Activities in Extraordinary Times: Public Management Driver for Social Value Creation

P11      Behavioral and Experimental Public Management

P12      Data science for policy making in a time of change

P13      Learning from the Front Line: Front Line Worker Attitudes, Decision-Making and Behaviors

P14      Making cities smarter using digital co-production during and after COVID-19

P15      Improving Management of Public Organizations: Lessons from Asia

P16      Critical perspectives on participatory budgeting

P17      Expertise and politics in a post-pandemic world

P18      Challenges and Opportunities for the Third Sector, Social Enterprises, and Community-Based Initiatives in Extraordinary Times

P19      Public sector and nonprofit marketing

P20      SIG Design-led approaches to renewing public management and governance

P21      SIG Healthcare Management

P22      SIG Governing and Managing Hybridity

P23      SIG Public Sector Human Resource – Public employment during COVID and beyond

P24      SIG Local Governance - The future of public services at the local tier of government - lessons learned from the pandemic

P25      SIG Public Service Motivation

P26      SIG Accounting and Accountability: “Accounting for extraordinary times – ensuring accountability in extraordinary times”

P27      SIG Accounting and HR Joint Panel - Gender and Gendering in the Public Sector: All are equal in crisis?

P28      SIG Complexity Governance and Networks Panel - Connecting Researchers and Practitioners for Improved Outcomes

P29      SIG New researchers panel

P30      Invited panel: Public Management under Complex Uncertainties – evidence from Latin America

P31      SIG The Practice Panel - Connecting Researchers and Practitioners for Improved Outcomes