P16 - Partnering and collaboration between stakeholders within and across sectors to achieve policy success: Possible experiences and lessons from Covid19

Corresponding chairs

Panel co-chairs and reviewers

Panel Topic

This panel invites research submissions on collaboration and partnering between stakeholder to achieve policy success.  (Bauer et al  2020, Kumar et al 2020, Bauer et al 2020, Bianchi et al 2021).  Often this involves complex and ‘wicked’ policy problems, rising citizen expectations, dire fiscal constraints, and the resulting innovation demand.

Questions would include:

 1) Varieties of stakeholders working together and contributing to policy success.

2)  Ways different actor groups support/oppose a policy affecting collaboration and policy success in practice.

3)  Theory development in the light of COVID19  involving partnering and collaboration between stakeholders  . viz the impact on supply chains and essential goods and services.


We welcome abstracts which present original research which may derive from analysis of either primary or possibly secondary data.   Abstracts which involve comparative research are especially welcome.  We also welcome abstracts which develop theory.