2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM) Minutes

February 27th, 2020

2019 IRSPM AGM Minutes

This meeting was held on Thursday April 18, 2019 on campus at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Chair: President Jenny Lewis

Minutes: Siobhan O’Sullivan 

  1. Minutes of the previous meeting.

 There were no maters arising from the previous minutes. They were accepted by the meeting.

 Sheets were passed around to recorded attendance (attached to the minutes). These indicated that 76 people were in attendance at the meeting. 

There were no apologies for the meeting.

  1. President’s Report

Jenny Lewis presented her President’s Report to the meeting. Lewis listed her main achievements as:

  1. The establishment of two new Special Interest Groups (SIGs). Lewis noted that the IRSPM Board is aware that the website needs to be updated, including to reflect the establishment of the new SIGs.
  2. The establishment of Rosemary O’Leary prize for scholarship on women in public administration. Lewis nominated this as her biggest accomplishment.
  1. Amending the constitution. This took a lot of effort, but the changes have been successfully passed. This resulted in the smooth running of elections this year.
  2. The establishment of a fee waiver scheme for people from less wealthy and underrepresented countries. Nine people were recipients of that scheme for the 2019 conference.
  1. Announcements following the 2019 IRSPM Board meeting.

Lewis also reported that the IRSPM Board met on Monday. At that meeting, the following decisions were made:

  1. The organisation will trial employing a one-day per week Executive Assistant (EA) to help the Board to manage membership, update the website, manage documents centrally and more as needed.
  2. The Board agreed to Co-opt two regional VPs. Neither was financial at the time of the election. Both are now financial, so Lihua Yang (Asia) and Eva Thomann (W Europe) have been formally coopted. Helen Sullivan was the only eligible nomination for the vacant at large post and so has been elected to this, unopposed.
  1. The remaining fee waiver scheme money (approximately €6,000) will be spent in a way determined by the VPs from Africa, Latin America, Asia and Eastern Europe. The money will be spent to advance public management and policy studies in those regions.
  1. Elections

Regina Lenart-Gasinec has stepped down as Membership Secretary. Siobhan O’Sullivan has been co-opted into that role with a new title and focus. The Board thanked Regina for her service.

Other members completing their terms were Yijia Jing, Lars Tummers and Stephen Osborne, and they were all thanked for their service. 

Congratulations were extended to Lihua Yang, Eva Thomann and Helen Sullivan, the new Board members.

  1. Conference Manager’s Report

Joris Voets delivered the report. He told the meeting that:

  1. The 2018 Edinburgh conference had been the second biggest so far, with 620 people.
  2. The gender balance was excellent.
  1. 44 countries were represented.
  2. 70% of participants were from Europe
  3. 38% were attending for the first time.
  1. 44% thought it was better than they expected.
  2. A range of improvement were suggested. They included: better conference info, a better app, social events with enough spaces for all delegates, better commitment from participants that they would attend, lower conference fee.

The Board discussed the issues for improvement and have responses in the following ways:

  1. It is agreed that we need a better app. We think Ex Ordo will be able to provide it.
  2. Conference registration will be cheaper next year.
  1. We will do our best to strongly encourage all who run a panel to commit to attending and undertaking all chairing responsibilities. This cannot be an issue for the local organiser to deal with.

For the 2018 conference it was agreed that IRSPM would get 25% of profits and absorb loss at the rate of 25% (up to a maximum of Euro 5,000). This worked well. We will keep offering this guarantee into the future.

We will continue with the fee waiver scheme. Last year we had 10 applicants from all over the world.

We will re-negotiate a contract with Ex Ordo, and try to include an app in the next package.

  1. Planning for future conference locations:
  1. 2020 – Tampere, Finland. April 22 – 24. This is confirmed.
  2. 2021 – Rio, negotiations underway.
  1. 2023 – back to Europe. At this stage negotiations have not commenced with any single country/university.

The meeting was happy with the proposed locations.

  1. Treasurer’s report

The treasurer’s report was delivered by Wouter Vandenabeele. It was reported that:

  1. Once again we are an affluent organisation. We have €150,000 in our savings account, accumulated over the past 13 years.
  2. The organisation remains committed to having €100,000 set aside to deal with calamities.
  1. In 2018 we had two waiver schemes’ one for all PhD students worldwide; and another for those from the global south. Any money that is not expended as part of the fee waiver schemes will be used to foster public management in the global south. This can include organising seminars or workshops etc. The VPs from the relevant regions have been invited to submit proposals to the President.
  2. Most of the organisation’s finances comes from the membership and conference fees.
  3. The organisation’s biggest cost is subscriptions to the journal Public Management Review (PMR).

So far for 2019 the budget is tracking as predicted. We have not many additional memberships in the first quarter of this year.

For 2020, we expect 450 people to attend the conference in Finland. But that is probably conservative. We may have more as it is based in Europe. This could increase income and our budget.

  1. AOB

Jenny Lewis thanked the Board for the work in the past year. She also thanked Erik Hans Klijn and Stephen Osborne as past presidents, for advice and support in her first year as president.

Joris Voets noted that Wellington has been great and that we will formally thank the organisers at the conference dinner

Attendance sheets