How can I become an IRSPM member? Do conference participants become members automatically?

Becoming an IRSPM member is very easy. You can renew the membership anytime through the IRSPM website: http://www.irspm.net/membership.html. Registration for the annual IRSPM conference includes an annual membership.

According to the terms & conditions that you can consult on: https://www.irspm.com/en/terms-and-conditions.html, membership lasts form 15th April until 15th April of the following year. Registration throughout the year will cover membership until the upcoming 15th April.
The benefits of membership include:

  • a subscription to Public Management Review;
  • access to IRSPM's international network of researchers;
  • special rates to the Society's annual April conference;
  • a subscription to the IRSPM newsletter and alerts about key events in the area of public management and policy such as forthcoming conferences and calls for papers;
  • attendance at the Society's Annual General Meeting with the right to nominate, vote, and stand for IRSPM positions; and
  • workshops with leading national and international scholars for doctoral research students.
May I have a document that shows that I am an IRSPM member?

Yes. You can send an email to the IRSPM Membership Secretary. After checking with the IRSPM Treasurer your current position, a letter will be sent to you by email.